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Nimue Professional Skincare

Nimue Skin Technology offers a unique approach to treating skin conditions by targeting the cause, not just the symptoms.

Our results-oriented approach of professionally administered treatments, complemented by prescribed home care products, ensures you see significant visible results.

This 3-phase programme starts with a 2-step Core Prescription Homecare regimen, followed by a series of Professional Treatment Facials. Phase 1 is all about the basics, Phase 2 introduces active ingredients, and Phase 3 is focused on active treatments. By following this programme, we treat the skin at a deeper level for ultimate skin health.

Nimue Skin Health Programme


Core Prescription Homecare
The first step in the home-care treatment of skin health restoration:

  • Prepares skin for optimum renewal
  • Effectively inhibits hyperpigmentation improving skin tone and colour
  • Protects against further damage
  • Naturally moisturises, softens, smooths, hydrates and brightens the skin
  • Use for 4-6 weeks before going on to Phase 2+ Actives.


Core Prescription Homecare
The second step in the home-care treatment of skin health restoration:

  • Adding the active gel/lotion to your daily regime to accelerate cell renewal to increase skin regeneration
  • Use for 1-2 weeks before going on to Phase 3+ Active treatments.


Professional Treatment Facials
The third step is the professional salon treatment of skin health restoration, which:

  • Assists in the regulation of melanin production for a more even skin tone
  • Enhances penetration of active ingredients to deliver deeper into skin
  • Provides a personalised treatment programme to obtain optimised skin healt
  • Follow with a course of treatments for optimum results.

More About Nimue Skin Technology

Nimue Skin Technology is a science-based skincare brand initially developed by a cosmetic surgeon. Nimue’s advanced formulations effectively treat various skin concerns, including fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, dryness, oiliness, acne, rosacea, and eczema.

Rather than simply treating the symptoms of skin problems, Nimue addresses the underlying cause through its innovative skin classification concept system. This results-oriented approach – combined with prescribed home-care products – ensures clients see significant visible results.

Nimue Skin Technology is a world-renowned provider of innovative and effective skincare solutions. With a deep understanding of the skin and its needs, Nimue has developed breakthrough formulas that deliver exceptional results for many skin conditions, including damage from sun and pollution, hyperpigmentation, and problematic skin. Nimue’s products are suitable for all skin types and conditions, and their Interactive Range provides everything you need for daily maintenance. Following the philosophy of Rejuvenation, Restoration, Antioxidation, and Sun Protection, Nimue creates products that improve the appearance of your skin and protect it from future damage. Plus, Nimue doesn’t test on animals – so you can feel good about using their products knowing they’re ethically made.

We have a wide range of Nimue skin treatments available including facials and peels.

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